Is "AI" making this mistake?

Take a close look at this image.

Question: What's wrong with this picture? That alone is the subject of many of technologies pitfalls.

Answer: The forecast is saying (green italic type) that it is nearly the same as yesterday. Look below and you see yesterday's high temp of 92.7 (red type). Now look to the left for today's high and it says 83. That is not "nearly the same" as yesterday!

There's more. Upon closer inspection I notice it says elevation 335ft. That's not right either for the coordinates listed.

Now I realize it is only weather and the mild SF Bay Area Sunday morning but where else are thes mistakes happening. In places where the weather might be dangerous and people are relying on the information for their safety?

Who's checking whether (not weather here!) the info is correct?!

Back to the original statement - and the point here - don't take the information as granted. Take a close look at this or any image or statement then think and ask yourself is that correct?