Designing a company’s first product.


While every design project has a new set of challenges. Designing a companies first product requires a slightly different approach. The design process - research, ideas, vision, documentation, etc. - is inherently the same. What is different is this first product sets the stage for the new company. The new company will be judged by what it does, how well it does it and if it visually delivers on the promise of what it does.

Another way to look at it is building brand equity. Apple or Samsung, VW or Ford, all have established brands and people expect certain features, performance, etc. from them. A new company is starting from scratch.

Designing the right thing for a new company requires listening, advising and showing the possibilities. It is about establishing a design vision that is appropriate for the new venture.

Design is not an end all or make or break for a new product but rather a vehicle to help a new company tell their story and communicate their new product message. Other factors such as cost, market timing, reliability and quality all play into a new companies potential success. However, the design does have to be beautiful and useful.

Seven02 has a knack for helping companies with their first product. We work closely with founding teams and their investors as design synthesizes all the factors - cost, manufacturing, engineering, etc.- into a company's first product or service.

Below are a sampling of some of our “first” projects:

Alexza Pharmaceuticals (Drug delivery platforms)
Ardian (bought by Medtronic)
Bike+ (Wi-mm)
Cirle Surgical Navigation System
Connected Data
Dyesol / DyeTec Solar (Printed solar cells)
Kai Medical (Sonar Pulse Oximetry)
Krill Systems (Boat Navigation)
Livescribe (Spin off of Anoto A.B.)
TuringSense Pivot (Wearable sensors)